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About Our School


In the year 1959, a new high school was built in Kerrobert to accomodate all the rural children in the area. It had a modern gym, library, home ec. room, and a science lab. The school was known for its track and football field, called the "Bishop's Bowl". It was called the Kerrobert High School.

In 1968, the high school was renamed the James Charteris Composite High School in honour of Mr. James Charteris, who retired from the Kerrobert School Unit Board after 22 years of service. It schooled grades 7 to 12 until 1989 when the Mary Rodney closed down and K to 6 joined the high school. At this time, they renamed the school the Kerrobert Composite School but called the library the Mary Rodney Library and the gym is known as the James Charteris Gymnasium.

Over the years, there have been many extracurricular activities offered in our school. There have been many teachers who have given their time to teach sports, and a few who always stood out were: Mr. Lidster, Mr. Thompson, and Mr. Gillies. Today some of the extracurricular teachers are: Mr. Denney, Mr. Reshney, Mr Jeanson and Mrs. Phillips, to name a few.

Our "Glee Club" was led by Mrs. Nokony and later Mrs. Neumeier's Kerrobert Youth Choir began to entertain in the community. Mrs. Neumeier is still running the choir today.

Our Drama Club has been run by Mrs. Clews, Mr. Clark, and Ms. Grosskopf. Brigetta Peterson is now running the club and the have performed and competed with many plays to date.

At one time, the Curling Club had 64 members and 20 students with Mrs. Peterson as leadar. In 2003, a team consisting of Drew Height, Mitch Height, Micheal Mamchur, and Ross Neumeier won both the Provincial title and the gold medal in the Canada Winter Games. In 2005, the team of Drew Heidt, Ross Neumeier, Trevor Senger, Josh Heidt and Regis Neumeier won the Provincial Sr. Boys Curling Championship as well.

As of today, the Kerrobert Composite School has 278 students, 21 full time teachers, 6 teacher aids, 1 librarian, 1 secretary, and 2 custodians.


Before the Kerrobert High School was built, there was a number of schools that were built in Kerrobert. Most of these were rural schools for farm students but there was also a few different school buildings in Kerrobert over the years. These schools were:

  • ​The Red Brick School - opened from 1911 to 1959
  • Frame Cottage School on Red Brick grounds - opened in 1921
  • Second Cottage School built beside first Cottage School - opened in 1924
  • Mary Rodney School - opened from 1954 to 1989
  • Kerrobert High Schoo l- opened from 1959 to present

Over the years, we have had a number of principals in our schools. They were:

  • ​Mr. A.E. Merrill
  • Mr. W.D. Johnston
  • Mr. E. Haycraft
  • Mr. Funk
  • Mr. R. Keil
  • Mr. S. Schimpf
  • Mr. W. Novak
  • Mr. W. Simpson
  • Mr. G. Cooke
  • Mr. H. Anderson
  • Mr. J. Kurtz
  • Mr. L. Emmerson
  • Miss. C. Grosskopf
  • Mr. G. Gillies
  • Mr. T. Stefaniuk
  • Mr. G. Kenyon
  • Mrs. C. Harvey

An unusual tradition with our Grade 12 class every year is to design their name on the "graffiti barn". This barn is owned and used by Vern Smith and it has even become an attraction in Kerrobert! The barn is located just outside of town on the Luseland Highway. People have been writing on the barn since 1977.​