Scholarship Information

Welcome to the 2020 Scholarship Season!
As you know, Mrs. Borschneck has created a great display by the pop machine with the latest in college and scholarship information.  You should also be getting regular emails with the latest news in both those areas.  To help keep you organized, we are also going to keep a running list of upcoming scholarships on this page as well as some pointers to help you be prepared for the season.  These will be listed at the bottom of the page.
​As you start applying for scholarships, it's a good idea to organize your personal information in a one-page document that lists clubs, sports, awards, and achievements.  The document linked below, The Student Involvement Checklist, is a way to organize your activities and accomplishments all in one place.  It's really helpful as a reference when you apply for things, and it's a good sheet to hand to someone who's writing a reference letter for you so they know all that you do and have achieved!
Time to put on those scholarship hats and start your search for great financial support for your post-secondary schooling.  Check out the Living Sky School Division site for up-to-date information.​ 

You also visit the Living Sky School Division Career Development page for a variety of information on careers, education, and job searches.​​...
February 24, 2020
Here is a great website for any student looking for scholarship information!
April 6, 2020
With schools closed and all learning moved online, Mrs. Borschneck and I will be getting information to you both through email and on this site.  Keep checking your school email and come by here often to look for the most recent postings.  For now, please check out the following:
In addition to the Living Sky site, here are some scholarship links that I think some of you may be interested in:
April 7, 2020
I just wanted to add a couple of pointers about preparing to apply for scholarships.  It's a really good idea to have a variety of reference letters on hand so that you can attach the one that suits the scholarship the best.  Here are some possible references that you could have on file:
  • teachers or principal
  • coaches or club advisors (school or community)
  • community leaders (could be your parish leader, volunteer organization that you work with, etc)
  • former or current employer
  • Also, when you are filling out the Student Involvement Checklist (see the attachment above), be sure to put in as much detail as possible.  This is not the time to be need to include everything and anything that might be useful to get that scholarship or for a person to use to write a really compelling reference letter.  Don't be afraid to shine on that document by including all awards, activities, accomplishments, etc.  
I forgot to include the SHA scholarship for anyone involved in the Minor Hockey program:  
April 16, 2020
Mrs. Borschneck has been emailing grade 12 students with links to many scholarships.  If you are not receiving these, please contact her:
Also, Mrs. B came across this great career webpage on NBCHS's school site.  Please check out this link for more scholarship opportunities!
April 22, 2020
Happy Earth Day!  As you know, we have a number of local scholarships that are available to students from Kerrobert Composite School (and sometimes surrounding areas too).  Most don't have links to websites, so I am going to post the information the school received.
There is one more scholarship that I was made aware of for a student who completed the CWE program.  Please check out:
April 24 2020
Due to CoVid-19, there have been some significant changes to the Our Lady of the Prairies Scholarship.  It has now switched to a digital portfolio and the application form has changed as well.  Please see the attached application and information sheet.  
Please check out the link to both of the scholarships below:
Saskatchewan School Board Association (SSBA) Scholarships.
Kindersley Coop
April 30, 2020
The local Kinsmen Scholarship is now available with a due date of June 1st.  Please check out the link below for details: