Bev Kraft

Hi Everyone!

This year I will be teaching the following subjects: Grade 6 Math, Grade 6 ELA, Grade 6 Physical Education, Grade 6 Health, Grade 6 Social, Grade 6 Science, Grade 5 ELA, Grade 5 Physical Education, and Grade 5 Health. I will have a homeroom with 21 students and a Social and Science class with 30 students!  Their Art will be taught by Graeme Gieni.  I cannot wait for the new students to be in my room;  It will be full of excitement and learning!  If you need to get a hold of me, please please email me at, message me on my Teacher Facebook Page (bev kraft-teacher), or call me at (306) 834-2444.

 Speaking of my teacher Facebook page, I will use this continually to update you of what is going on in our classroom.  Please check it periodically to see what is happening!  Ideally, please change your notifications so you can receive my updates automatically :)  Feel free to also send a day planner for your child to use (as I did not get a class set this year) or email me so I have your email address and I can send you the information you need via email!

Attached, you will see attached the course outlines and year plans for 2019-2020.  I will continually add or take off items that I need to.  Please check it out, so you can view the outcomes your child and myself will be covering this year, as well as the assignments we will be doing to get there!  I have also attached our 1st semester timetable (it says it's for 2018-2019, but it has been edited for this year), so you will know what classes your child has daily :)

Please keep in mind that your child is being assessed this year using a 4-point rubric, where a 1=beginning; 2=approaching; 3=meeting/proficient; 4=exceeding/mastery.  These terms are looking at the expectations we have for students at grade level.  Some outcomes we are covering haven't been covered to completion yet, so if you see a "2", this just may mean we aren't done with that outcome yet.  Also, a"4" is a rarei​​​ty to get and I continually tell the students a "4" shows deeper thinking - thinking outside the box!

A great website we use at school during computer time is Mathletics...below is a link so your child can work on it at home as well as at school :)  If you do wish your child to work on it at home, but they cannot remember their log-ins, please email or FB me and I will send it to you! 


 I am looking forward to this school year!  Let's all work together to make it a successful one :)​