Loudon Hyduk

All students enrolled in my classes are to join the following google-classroom groups that are applicable to them:

Grade 9 Social Studies 9  Class Code: 9p904c   Science 9 Class Code: q2mx8mb  
Grade 10 History 10 Class Code: 7i2bpnk Science 10 : TBA
- 2nd Semester
Grade 11 Health Science 20 Class Code: 156ouj
 History 20 Class Code:  gsqif9  Physical Science 20 : TBA
- 2nd Semester
Grade 12  Chemistry 30 Class Code: kzyygl
Physics 30:  TBA
- 2nd Semester
 Biology 30 : TBA
- 2nd Semester








Each class will be updated weekly with any reading, notes or projects that were assigned.  In class material such as discussions, certain board notes, or diagrams will not be online. 

All writing assignments (essay/power points) are to be submitted through google classroom.  If at all possible, do not print them!

Practice exam questions or quizzes may also be linked or posted on each classroom.





Instructions on joining a google-classroom:



  1. Go to classroom.google.com.  You may need to login with your school ID (lastname@lskysd.ca)
  2. At the top, click Add Add and then Join class.


  3. Enter the class code(s) you see in the table above.

    Enter the class code 




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